Speech to Text

Speech Recognition services is another special tool provided by us. To understand audio, the very first step is to transcribe audio to text. The real-time speech to text conversion is offered at Webtunix, which denotes the exact transcription of words into text some moments after its utterance. The result is highly accurate and precised. It doesn't matter from which country you belong to or what language you speak, we offer transcription in all the major languages.

Audio Categorization

Webtunix helps you to deeply understand the audio that you want to analyze. We offer human-in-the-loop solution to determine the sentiments and emotions behind the statement. You can categorize the sub parts of the audio and spot the important points as well.

Speech Recognition Analytics AI software solution help you protect your data

A person's voice is unique like their fingerprints. Every person's unique voices are created only by them based on the shape of their head and many other factors. Speech recognition analytics AI can identify, analyze and compare two or more audio recordings and determine the person. Speech recognition analytics AI software can help in security, with voice-activated locks and multi-security systems.

AI in speech recognition analytics transform the customer support

Our AI in Speech recognition Software Solutions are transforming the customer support through smart and powerful engagement. The AI solutions rely on natural language processing to instantly identify consumer sentiments and problems to engage them in automated conversations. Advanced AI algorithms can direct the conversation or route the call to the appropriate human agent with information on hand. This helps to enhance the consumer experience of maximum customers in minimum time.

AI-driven voice recognition systems become advanced virtual assistants

Being a human, we waste time feeling overwhelmed while seeking to figure out if we forgot to do something. AI in speech recognition analytics offer voice recognition feature enabled in a virtual assistant at your command. Especially the virtual healthcare assistants to the doctors can help them to identify, analyze and offer comprehensive treatment without handling any special types of equipment with buttons.

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