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2CI : Customer & Competitors Intelligence

Reviews allow you to see your business through the eyes of future customers. They show where you're losing local market share, how your business measures against the competition, and what you need to do to create a more authentic connection with your customers. At Detailers, we're dedicated to building simple, helpful technology that bridges the gap between the brand and the customer. Our tool empowers businesses to understand their customers better, build more trust, and find the insights that move their business forward.


We're on a mission to make every one of your customers have the best experience possible and make it easier for them advocate for your brand online With the most advanced review technology for analyzing, amplifying, and maximizing your customer feedback, Detailers gives you tools to accelerate your customer acquisition strategy, improve customer retention, and have more authentic connections with your customers.

Manage All Your Reviews From a Single Dashboard

Respond faster to your business reviews, build lasting relationships while continuing the clients experience beyond "the stay". Show potential clients that your business cares, by responding back to negative reviews swiftly. Build a better reputation management strategy by understanding the distribution, sentiment and trends of your reviews on each sales channel.

Track Your Business's Online Reputation on All Sales Channels

Your business's online reputation reaches out to people at one of the most critical touchpoints - when they are ready to purchase something. They will overlook price and star categorizations of favorable online reviews. With tech-savvy, always-online, millennials being the largest hospitality consumers, what are you doing to grab their eyeballs? Or more importantly to prevent them from drifting away from your brand?

Understand What Your Clients Are Saying

An online clients feedback with great ratings may have a point of contention present in the written review. Reading, filtering and categorizing every review, using Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to mimic the human understanding of language, in 7 of the world's most widely spoken languages, so that you don't spend more than a few minutes a day to understand what your clients are saying.

Compare Your Hotel's Reputation Against Competitors

You are not alone either on the OTAs or the meta-search engines. If the clients are looking at your business's online reviews on any of these platforms, they surely are looking at your competitors' too.

Transform your business reputation

Competitive Intelligence Software
Built by Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Our Technology - Proprietary sophisticated algorithms

Connect with customers in the moments that matter.

AI Technologies

We incorporate semantic technologies that offer a wide range of meaning-centered tools and processes and allow industry specialization. More AI technologies are being developed by our R&D, to be deployed in our platform.


Language Technologies

We use NLP tools and proprietary tools to analyze language and perform a wide range of complex grammar and syntactic tasks, implicit inferencing, referencing, entity recognition and extraction, fine-grained sentiment analysis etc.


Cognitive Theory

We believe that simulating the workings of the human mind is the key to build human-like intelligent machines that can interpret emotions, text and speech. The context of content and communication is critical.


Make Your Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage

Understand customer feedback and trends to provide first-class experiences.

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