The Working Hours of WINX Technologies are as follows:
Monday - Saturday / 8AM - 10PM
WINX Technologies has the following modes of communication:
Instant Messenger Chat
Social Media
We have our own beliefs about creating opportunities rather than waiting for one. Our strengths include deep research, analytics, problem-solving skills, our team of adroit developers and designers, and our transparent working principle.
WINX Technologies's family has members who are experts in their domains. They have years of hands-on experience in development and design. The contribution of their work in the form of feature-rich and robust applications have given a competitive edge in this cut-throat competition.
WINX Technologies is another name for flexibility. We are good enough to accept all the methodologies and standards demanded by our clients. We are comfortable with all the tools that suits your business essentials. We work very transparently due to which it will be a delight to work with us.
A perfect blend of Knowledge, Professionalism, reliability, quality with tincture of flexibility and dedication combined with low prices without compromising the quality and standards is all about the uniqueness of WINX Technologies.
The following are the Standard Terms and conditions:
Contract is Signed
Invoice is issued from our side as per the payment schedule
Invoices are paid through Credit Card
Refer our Software Development Methodology and Process
Your raised queries will be answered by our team.
Priority is given to your valuable queries and thus we will try our best to provide the best solutions.
We make a blueprint with no extra charges.
We provide some advices and suggestions as per your business and ideas.
We assure you regarding the prices and quality.
As mentioned earlier, we have a transparent system of work. You have the complete right to keep an eye on the phase of development. Everything will be as per your business requirements and your choice as we follow a client-centric approach. We believe in the long-term relationship with the clients and are always there for them.
Request a quote by filling in the details. You will avail the cost of your system without any doubt.
For Non-technical People:
Connect with us.
Post your answers as per our queries.
A proposal is created by us on the basis of the answers.
For Technical People:
An Estimate is just a rough idea about the cost of your project.
An Estimate is just a rough idea about the cost of your project. A proposal consists of a project profile, system specifications, context level diagram of the system, design, and coding methodologies, deliverables, and schedule of the project.
We expect your involvement in the entire process. The reason behind this is we follow a client-centric approach. We expect your honest comments and feedback to make our projects better and as per your wish.
One month warranty is given from our side after the final delivery. After this period we will sign another contract for yearly or quarterly maintenance or support.
WINX Technologies has always grabbed the limelight for its standards and quality through its projects. With our industry-oriented practices and customized offshore development, WINX Technologies has created a benchmark in the field of app development.

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