Data Science is an integration of data interference, data manipulation, algorithm development, and technology in order to solve analytical and complex problems. If you are looking for AI or Data Science Consulting Companies, WINX TECHNOLOGIES AI is right decision for you. The core of any business is data or information which determines the insights of data which stored in the business databases. There is plenty of machine learning algorithms can be applied with the help of data science as a service.

Data Science as a Service can help businesses to extract important information from the data warehouse. The data warehouse can help businesses in the following ways:

Discovery of the data insight

The quantitative data analytics can help businesses to steer strategic business decisions.

Development of data Product

Data Science as a Service can be used for development of data product. It also helps in the production and operations at large scale.

These two things add business value to the organizations.

Data Science as a Service for the Discovery of Data Insights

The Data Science as a Service is all about finding the hidden information from the data. Data Science Consulting Companies helps in finding the insights at the micro level and understanding the complex behaviour, trends, and inferences. It is all about finding the hidden information from the data. This helps the businesses to make smart decisions.

At WINX TECHNOLOGIES, a data science consulting company, we understand your business data, behaviour of user's information, shopping data insights and make them useful for your business. The initial step of our data scientist team is to understand your business, business stats, data points, data features, attributes and start data exploration. They find out leads data and try to understand the pattern or characteristics within the data for make it useful for data science as a service. It requires a lot of data building creativity and analytical thinking.

In the next step, the data scientists may apply the quantitative technique in order to get one level deeper. For example the segmentation analysis, time series forecasting, and synthetic control experiments. The intent is to get a deep view of what data is really trying to say. This data-driven insight is central to provide strategic guidance. Here our data science as a service can act as consultants by guiding the business stakeholders on how to act on the findings.

What we can offer?

Predictive Maintenance

WINX TECHNOLOGIES AI being a Data Science as a service provider helps your businesses to predict the failures and data related issues to avoid the equipment downtime and reduce the maintenance cost. These artificial intelligence solutions can detect the minor issues and pattern of failures to determine which asset needs the most attention. The identification of maintenance problem allows you to use resources in the most cost-effective manner. Our data science consulting company will help you to get the most out of your assets.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics is a process of transposing the words into numerical values to analyze them by using data mining techniques and solving the business problem. Our data scientists use an iterative approach and we can successfully use the data analytics to gain insight into the content specific values.

Pattern Discovery

Data science as a service can also be used for pattern discovery. Our data scientists use unsupervised learning to surface the patterns associated with the data when no other observations are tagged and no other ground reality is known. The most commonly used techniques are clustering techniques which are used to detect what are the various groupings that exist in the data set. For example, most data science consulting companies uses clustering technique to learn the natural customer segments in the company's user base.

WINX TECHNOLOGIES AI serves data science as a service that leverages the power of predictive analytics to derive real-time insights. All data science consulting companies guide businesses to predict the demand for business strategies based on knowledge and future forecasting. Our data science solutions help businesses to distribute their expenditure and meet the demands in real time.

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