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Data Collection

We help your business to collect data in the form of URLs, categorize business by type, location or size, annotate your meetings data and more. Webtunix can achieve it for your business. We have collected a huge amount of data for businesses and we will be delighted to do the same for your business.

Product Categorization

Our platform can help you with product categorization. Products may not have metadata which you need for the search experience. Our solution can help you in annotating your products to keep everything seamless from collecting the relevant information for your listing to categorizing the existing products.

Extract Data From PDF

Our platform improves human intelligence to build optical character recognition models. You can extract the data of interest for the PDFs and annotate those areas for the future extraction or validating the existing data.

Data Deduplication

Our solutions can clean and verify any kind of data for your business. Our accurate solutions match products with accurate names remove redundancy from the data and verify the correctness of the data. The platform is highly customizable so you can choose how you want to get it done.

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