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Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact on multiple areas. The most importantly Artificial Intelligence Services impact on the telecom or telecommunication industry is the traffic classification, anomaly detection and prediction, resource utilization and network optimization along with network synchronization. Further, it will also assist the mobile devices with virtual assistants and bots. Artificial Intelligence services play very important role in the telecom industry and typical research firms.And, Artificial Intelligence Services for the Telecom industry, it is emerging as a gold mine with endless opportunities to dig and make the profit. The AI telecom industry, it is to understand the new data pack offers or forecast the bandwidth and capacity of a network. In the recent few years, Artificial Intelligence and Data science work in the following domains in the Telecom Sector-

Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Telecommunication Industry


Artificial Intelligence in telecom industry will help to create alerts and advice subscribers to the best plan. It will also be essential for creating a personalized and adaptive customer journey. Emerging technologies like cloud and IoT are pushing the networks to handle the higher volumes of data, therefore making the automation necessary for better planning and connectivity.

Better Networks

Artificial Intelligence in telecom industry will eliminate the need for a human as a controller.With Artificial Intelligence, the telecommunication industry network can decide on its own and also take the next course of action through various hardware and software solution which are essentially IoT solutions. Artificial Intelligence in telecom industry based network applications such as precision algorithms can provide intelligent Telecommunication industry network optimization solutions.Moreover, Artificial Intelligence technology will also lead to the evolution of automatic, self-optimizing and self-healing networks.

Better User Experience

The existing telecommunication industry processes such as network operations have been performed manually resulting in delays and errors which negatively impact the customer experience. To resolve these issues, businesses process in telecom can be automated using Artificial Intelligence in telecom industry capabilities like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

Improved SDN

The need for Artificial Intelligence in telecom industry to drive the automated operations will continue to grow as the network moves from being physical to being virtual. SDN (Software-defined networking) and network functions will be dependent on the automated processes to deliver the service agility and cost efficiency.

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