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Over the last few years, artificial intelligence technology has made some interesting advancements across multiple industries. While it may not be so obvious to the end consumers, artificial intelligence has been applied in the retail sector as well. Even though not every retailer has been using it due to high costs, inaccessibility, and proprietary systems, the largest players in the retailing have been pretty active about it. It's no wonder given the benefits AI can bring to the actual businesses.

Technological advancements in retail have enabled shoppers to grab the best deals from the comfort of their homes. This has put considerable strain on the traditional retailer, with challenges to both the top- and bottom-line. Retailers need to offer personalized marketing, expand multichannel capabilities, making data-backed decisions and leverage technologies such as IoT, big data the cloud and mobility.

AI-equipped technology will soon be popping up everywhere in the retail environment, and many in-store experiences will be shaped by data crunching and AI.

Some Transforming Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry

Merchandise And Assortment Planning

We equip retailers with the technology and tools needed to build informed, analytics-backed merchandise and assortment plans that are flexible, localized and based on customer preferences. WINX Technologies help retail businesses get their right mix of products to customers when and where they want it, at optimum prices.


WINX Technologies help retailers connect with demanding and unpredictable shoppers in a fast-paced environment. Our solutions enable retailers gain 24/7 access to information and real-time insights to help them analyze customer data, plan marketing strategies and improve customer loyalty.


WINX Technologies enable retail businesses to source, purchase and manufacture products efficiently while collaborating with a global network of vendors. With analytical insights into vendor performance and buying activities, offered by our solutions, retailers can seize more opportunities to save money while procuring materials or services.

Private Label

Designing, obtaining and producing private-label products for diverse locations entails varied styles, characteristics, and compliance attributes. WINX Technologies help retail teams sync logistics, purchasing, and manufacturing operations to enable them offer innovative private label products. Our solution portfolio facilitates retailers to plan, procure, and manufacture/subcontract the manufacture of their private-label goods.

Supply Chain

Foreseeing shopper demand helps retailers deliver the right products to their stores and customers at the right time. Our solutions help retailers streamline their entire supply chain system from planning to the fulfillment of orders. This helps retail enterprises gain transparency by efficiently tracking transit movement of goods and facilitating communication between warehouse management teams and logistic partners.

Finance And Controlling Services

We take advantage of SAP FI to generate financial statements – such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements – for multiple levels of reporting and analysis. On the other hand, we use SAP CO to focus on planning, reporting and monitoring costs associated with your business operations. SAP CO holds paramount importance in improving your company's profitability.

How we help?

Our services and solutions for the retail industry range from complex business process optimization to cutting-edge, innovative products. Winxtech, retail solution providers, enables retailers to recognize the needs of consumers, make data-backed decisions, manage product lines, streamline supply chains and reduce operational overhead. Enter Accenture Retail Solutions—helping brands win customers—providing services like retail industry consulting—and giving them the edge to thrive.

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