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The hospitality industry is a wide sector, but the cornerstone of this industry is the accommodation part of it and hotels are the leaders in that arena. The complexities of running a successful hotel can be burdening and require you to hire additional staff which can dent your pocket pretty bad.

However, Hotel Property Management Systems (Hotel PMS) bases on AI can assist you with the day to day tasks of running your hotel. Hotel PMS do everything for you on your behalf and it is fully automated, so you do not have to supervise it every now and then. These systems that are run on AI can be scaled to any type or size of the hotel and work on a "per room" basis.

This means that you pay for the rooms you have and with Hotel PMS' you can get services like booking management, easy payment methods, and many more services.

discover exactly how to use artificial intelligence within the hospitality industry:

In-person customer service

One example of the use of artificial intelligence within the hospitality sector is the use of artificially-intelligent robots to deliver customer service. Although this is in its infancy, there are already plenty of hotels adopting AI robots, such as 'Connie,' the Hilton Hotel's very own concierge. By interacting with the robot customers can ask questions such as hotel amenities, services and hours of operation.

Chatbots and messaging

Another superb way to use AI within the hospitality sector is for front-facing customer serve, such as direct messaging and online chat services. AI chatbots can be used on social media platforms to answer questions around-the-clock. This is critical to hotels as it provides immediate response times which are not always possible with human-to-human interaction.

Data Analysis

AI is also fantastic within the hospitality sector in that it can be used to analyse data by quickly sorting through large amounts of data and developing important conclusions about current or potential customers. The Dorchester Collection hotel chain is one example of a hotel that has used AI data analysis to sort through data collected via online reviews and surveys (etc.) the AI then analyses the information to draw conclusions about overall performance.

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With better results of Artificial Intelligence in hospitality Sector, you need to make sure that your algorithms are optimized.For accurate results, you need to have a large amount of data which should be high quality and human-in-the-loop annotated.We Improve Hotel Operations, Revenue Management and many more through AI.Contact WINX TECHNOLOGIES AI if you want assistance in Artificial Intelligence in hospitality Sector.

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