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Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry and Business intelligence services is on a robust growth curve with excessive scope for investing in new specialty/multi-specialty hospitals (or) expansion of existing facilities in recent days and installation of advanced equipment/technology up gradation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are having a huge impact on the healthcare industry and its impact is growing exponentially by each passing day. As the healthcare industry is full of data-rich processes, it is highly compatible with artificial intelligence technology. AI is being applied in the healthcare for drug discovery, gather and manage the structured and unstructured data in the domain, virtual health assistants and more. Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology that has revolutionized healthcare and life science in the following ways: According to business intelligence, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry experts, definitely, these factors will enable ai in healthcare players to serve the increasing patient population to access qualitative analysis and operation at affordable price models.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry:

Online Symptom Checking

AI health is helping the patients to check their symptoms online to detect the disease. It is now possible to detect the disease with the help of AI and machine learning tools. WINX TECHNOLOGIES has created an online symptom checking tool which can detect the disease following your symptoms.

Doctor Recommendation

AI Health also helps in recommending the specialty doctor on the basis of availability and location. WINX TECHNOLOGIES's AI Vaid is one such application that has made it possible to recommend you the right doctors.


Chatbots are built using AI health and machine learning algorithms. Chatbots can be used in healthcare to provide customer support service. Chatbots can interact with the patients and can handle the queries of the patients.

Enhancing human intelligence

Artificial intelligence in healthcare has augmented human intelligence. AI is intended to enhance the human experience and experience in the fields like life science, financial markets, and other related industries. It also improves the quality of service delivered to end consumers.

AI in Healthcare Data Security

The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare industry is mandated to follow certain requirements with regard to data security, which is a strictly regulated area in terms of how (a person or entity) is covered and what information is protected from data security issues and what must be done to ensure appropriate protection of healthcare patient information Several sets of artificial intelligence in healthcare data security standards on both federal and state levels explain how personal data should be collected and used by these organizations when they have implemented IT solutions.

The Big Challenge for AI Healthcare industry

Even as technology, managed IT services, are making things smoother for the healthcare industry, there is a serious issue of healthcare data security emerging as modern technologies such as cloud, mobile, and new generation databases, are used to manage, store and access this data, exposing the data to cyber-attacks.

How we help?

One of the prime focus of WINX TECHNOLOGIES is medical research. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are tailored to the needs of the researchers and medical practitioners. Machine learning can help in creating search alternatives that match the right kind of data to researcher queries. Our online symptom checking platform can predict the disease of a patient following the symptoms of the patient. Our Artificial Intelligence in healthcare industry and Machine Learning based platforms are used in the health monitoring system to monitor the heart rate, pulse rate, and other ai health activity levels. AI Health monitoring systems can keep a track on the patient condition and send alerts to the users as well as concerned doctors.

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